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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the "time clock reset" when I bid within the last few minutes?

Automatic overtime occurs when a bid is entered and accepted by the system during the item's last (5) minutes in Auction. EXFA resets the item's clock back to an "End Time" of 5 Minutes, 0 Seconds.

Regardless of the number of bids entered during the last 5 minutes, each bid will reset the Auction clock back to "5 Minutes, 0 Seconds" until no bids are received within the final 5 minute period, and the item's clock expires. - All other EXFA bidding features apply during the item's 5 Minute's overtime.

How come I get outbid within seconds?

The quick answer: A bidder in the system has a higher maximum bid than the one you just placed.

The longer answer: The activity you observed is a function of our auction's "Max. Bid" feature. When you enter a value higher than the next required & suggested bid increment displayed on the detail page

  • The System automatically bids on your behalf against other bidders until it reaches your "Max. Bid".
  • Bids placed automatically from your "Max. Bid" amount will either match the Reserve (in case it has not yet been met) or the next required bid increment.

As soon as another bidder places a higher bid, the system will continue outbidding the other bidder by the next required increment until you are the winning bidder or you have exhausted your "Max. Bid" amount.

In summary: When you lose the highest bid position in seconds - even though it appears you just entered the highest bid in the system, another Bidder has a system-accepted higher "Max. Bid" than the Bid value you currently entered. The system accepts your Bid, and instantly enters the next required bid increment from another Bidder's "Max. Bid" value, replacing yours.

See our Bidding HELP section for more detail about the Bidding process.

What screen resolution should I used to best view this site?

1024 x 768 Pixels or higher is best for this site; 800 x 600 pixels will work with a little overlap.

Which web browser works best with this site?

EXFA is best viewed on Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Can you notify me about featured Auctions?

At any time, you may "Opt-In" to receive our EX-FACTORY emails announcing featured auctions by completing the information on this link. Alternatively, you may send us your request to Email Announcements, 1805 Sardis Road North, Charlotte, NC 28270, USA

Do I need a credit card to participate in the Auction?


Optionally, auction purchases of $ 20,000 or less, may be made by credit card payment from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. A 3% fee will be added to the Invoice amount to cover administrative processing. Go to Credit Card Payment Gateway.

Can I bid by phone?

Yes. You may place a bid by contacting the Auction Staff at 877-480-5844 x379.

May I directly purchase an auction item?

No. You must participate in the bidding process and place the highest bid prior to the close of the auction to become the winning bidder and buyer.

Why haven't I received EXFA emails confirming my bid?

Typically emails are not delivered to your email address because of your spam blocker. Add to a "safe" email list to receive our emails. Please contact us at or 877-580-5844 for questions.

Closing Time for Auctions

Auctions with multiple lots are split into groups and assigned different closing times. Dependent upon the number of items in auction, closing times will be spread over a day and/or multiple days.

Do I have to pickup a lot prior to or by the published "Final Removal Date" on its "Detail" page?

Absolutely - plus storage cost may be incurred or lot may be discarded if lot is not picked up by the published "Last Day of Removal" on the detail page or "Removal Date" on the Event Detail page. Any exception has to be agreed upon by the "On-site Contact" or Auction Manager.

Is help available to ship multiple purchases from different places?

By request and fee-based, EXFA can consolidate your freight arrangements pre-paid and invoiced separately! Email us at or call our Auction Staff at 877-580-5844 x317 for more information!

Our company will have to export items purchased in auction; is assistance available?

EXFA has experience in arranging overseas shipments including containerization and customs/duty documentation. Upon request and fee-based, we can make the necessary arrangements for you!

Email us at or call our Auction Staff at 877-580-5844 x317 for more information!