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Buyer's Terms & Conditions

  1. Buyer has read EXFACTORYAuctions "Getting Started" information on the website and understands how the system works. For all questions, call EXFACTORYAuctions at 877-580-5844 x379; outside the USA & Canada 704-841-2001 x379, or send an email to prior to placing a bid.

  2. All equipment is offered “as is, where is, with all faults” and no guarantee or warranty. EX-FACTORY INC. does not accept responsibility regarding the accuracy of information or descriptions supplied.

  3. The Buyer acknowledges that EXFACTORYAuctions only provides a marketplace platform for Sellers to describe and sell their machinery. While EXFACTORYAuctions makes all attempts to verify the accuracy of the specifications, descriptions, images, and videos prior to placing the machinery in the auction event, EXFACTORYAuctions is in no way responsible for the Seller's accuracy of any specification, description, image, or video of items presented.

  4. The Buyer acknowledges the Auction items herein are to be purchased and sold solely through EXFACTORYAuctions, a division of EX-FACTORY INC.

  5. Specifications are correct to the best of EXFACTORYAuctions knowledge, obtained from sources deemed reliable. Still, we encourage your inspection prior to the sale to confirm accuracy, as EXFACTORYAuctions does not guarantee them to be correct.

  6. Buyer agrees to a specific machine's "Terms & Conditions” as documented on EXFACTORYAuctions at the time of the sale regarding Inspection, Payment Terms, Crating, Rigging, Loading, Shipping, etc.

  7. All bidding in USA Auction Events are conducted in US-Dollars; payment must be in US-Dollars.

    Bidding in Canadian Auction Events are conducted in CDN- or US-Dollars.

    EXFACTORYAuctions accepts payment in other currencies at the rate of exchange as converted by our Bank at the time funds are received.

  8. Buyer agrees to pay the stated EXFACTORYAuctions Buyer’s Premium for each successful high bid purchase.

  9. All transactions are subject to a $ 25 Processing Fee for all items purchased on the same calendar day in the same Auction Event.

  10. At the close of an Auction Event, the Highest Bid above the reserve wins. If two or more Bids of equal value are placed, the first bidder of the equal value bid is the winner.

    Buyer is responsible for determining if the purchase is liable for sales tax in his state and remitting all applicable monies to the proper tax receiver.

    EXF will charge and collect sales tax ion certain States and Provinces where the Terms of the Event require the Auctioneer to collect the applicable sales tax.

    Canadian Buyers for Canadian Auction Events are charged applicable sales tax, such as GST, PST, and HST, where the event takes place or where the acquired goods are shipped.

  11. Buyer agrees to remit payment via Certified Check, Wire Transfer, or Credit Card to EX-FACTORY INC. Buyer acknowledges that payment is due within (48) Business hours of receiving Ex-FactoryAuctions Invoice.

  12. Upon receipt of Invoice, Buyer may use our Credit Card Payment Gateway for payment.
    1. Credit Card payments are limited to …US-$ 20,000.
    2. Only Credit Cards issued by USA or Canadian Financial Institutions are accepted.
    3. A 3% Administrative Fee of the Invoice amount will be added as an Administrative Fee when a Buyer elects to make payment by an accepted Credit Card.
    4. Canadian Credit Card payments will be processed in US Dollars.

  13. Upon successful High Bid purchase, confirmed receipt of payment, and prior to the published “Final Removal Date”, Buyer agrees to arrange for pickup or shipment with the Seller or Sellers Onsite Representative by Appointment; Failure to request/secure an appointment may result in the delay or refusal of picking up or loading your lots.

    EXFACTORYAuctions will not be held responsible for storage and/or relocation expenses incurred and will not be liable for equipment abandoned and discarded after the "Final Removal Date".

  14. Buyer agrees to Not hold EX-FACTORY INC. accountable for any goods/winning high bid lots that cannot be delivered or made available by the seller. In such cases, buyer is entitled to a full refund, including buyer's premium.

  15. EXFACTORYAuctions reserves the right to disable any bidder's account for a bidder who fails to comply with these EXFACTORYAuctions "Terms & Conditions" and who displays unacceptable online auction conduct as determined by EXFACTORYAuctions.

  16. In the event the EXFACTORYAuctions Website is unavailable or malfunctions at any point during auction events or processes for any reason, the Buyer agrees that EXFACTORYAuctions is not responsible for any damages resulting from the website's lack of availability.

  17. EXFACTORYAuctions Liability in all cases is limited to the amount of the purchase price of the lot(s) in question.

  18. In the event of a legal dispute involving EXFACTORYAuctions, a Division of EX-FACTORY INC, the laws of the State of North Carolina shall be in effect, and the jurisdiction and venue for all proceedings will be Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.