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Equipment Location: FLETCHER, NC
BP-230155   |  Lot # 002
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For Immediate Answers Contact:
Kevin Welker
(877) 580-5844 ext. 316
Intl. +1 (704) 841-2001

If not available, try his/her backup:
Talice Luna ext 379


This is a non-auction item up for sale. If interested, please call Kevin Welker at (877) 580-5844 ext. 316 or click on the link below.

Brand/Model: VITAP "POINT K2 2.0"
Year MFG: 2019
Serial #: N/A
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: FLETCHER, NC
Value New: $ 70,000
Negotiable Price: $ 60,000     Make an Offer
Condition: New, Never Used
Dimensions: 114" L  x  65" W  x  75" H
Weight: 2,100 Lbs (estimate)
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Comment: This is a showroom demonstrator & has never been placed into production!

CNC Machining Center with ATC, Boring & VITAP Bar Nesting System

  •  The VITAP "K2 2.0" CNC Center is the best and most technically advanced machine for wood processing. The "K2" has a patented Double Dynamic Transport (DDT) System with a double clamp technology that creates smooth panel movement.

  •  With an automatic tool changer and modern software, the programming for this machine is easy and efficient to use. This machine is perfect for companies of all sizes and is the optimal choice for your CNC woodworking needs.

  •  Working Field: Maximum panel size: X-Axis Infinite, Y-Axis 49.2" (1,250 mm), Z-Axis 1.97" (50 mm); Minimum panel size: X-Axis 10" (270 mm), Y-Axis 5.9" (150 mm), Z-Axis 0.1" (3 mm)

  •  Positioning Speed: U-Axis Panel feed speed 82 FPM (25 MPM), X & Y-Axis 197 FPM (60 MPM), Z-Axis 49 FPM (16 MPM), Axes positioning by AC drives & Brushless motors, Panel moves in X-Axis & Machining Units move in Y & Z-Axis, Maximum panel weight 176 Lbs. (80 kg)

  •  Work Area: Double Dynamic Transport (DDT) & Bar Nesting System. DDT is clamping system for workpieces on CNC Machining Centers, for moving workpiece in X-Axis. DDT consists of (2) gripper/clamps that move workpiece in same or alternate direction. This allows for significantly longer travel distance of workpiece compared to travel distance of gripper/clamps. DDT system is required for Bar Nesting.

  •  Bar Nesting is special form of combining Beam Saw & Nesting at same CNC Machining Center. VITAP Bar Nesting is also designed to combine advantages of nesting technology with possibility of horizontal drilling.

  •  VITAP Bar Nesting has been specially developed for VITAP CNC Machining Centers. Prerequisite is a machine in which X-axis is generated through movement of workpieces. A further prerequisite is presence of (2) Grippers for workpiece movement, known at VITAP as DDT. Bar Nesting is not complete nesting of workpieces, as large-sized (ripped) panels must still be cross-cut into stripes on saw.

  • CNC-Controlled "Optical Material Sensor" creates a “0“ Panel reference point by reading panel's ends. This ensures that RH & LH (mirror image) panels will always be symmetrical.

  •  Fixed RH (U-Axis) panel clamping device with Automatic panel adjustment according to programmed information, LH side pressure clamp with Automatic adjustment & Pneumatic locking according to panel width, Scratch resistant idle rollers for panel positioning from bottom & sides

  •  Boring Unit: (1) 2.2 HP (1.7 kW) - 3,600 RPM Motor, (12) Independent vertical spindles on 32 mm centers with (6) Spindles in X-Axis & (6) Spindles in Y-Axis, (8) Horizontal spindles with (2+2) spindles in X-Axis & (2+2) spindles in Y-Axis, Maximum diameter of vertical drill bits 35 mm, Maximum drilling depth 1.9" (50 mm), (1) X-Axis Grooving saw with 7,000 RPM Speed & 100 mm Maximum diameter blade

  • Machining: (1) 6.7 HP (5 kW) Electro-spindle router, with ISO 30 Adaptor & 12,000 - 18,000 RPM Variable spindle speeds

  •  (1) 4-Position Linear ATC tool rack mounted on LH side of machine, Maximum tool weight 13.2 Lbs. (6 kg)

  •  (1) 4-Sided Horizontal milling device

  •  Operator & Machine Control: PC-based User-friendly icon-driven control housed on main machine base, Displays programming graphics, functions & machine data for ease of programming at controller, 19" LCD Screen, Keyboard & Mouse with Network card & USB, Displays programming graphics, functions, machine data & subroutines, Capable of running production while programming and editing.

Note: Number of bids and bid amounts shown may vary slightly from real time.