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"Bid on the Go" App for B2B Online Auctions of Capital Equipment

iPhone app

Charlotte, NC – EX-FACTORYAuctions, a division of privately held EX FACTORY INC., announces the release of their iPhone App, "Bid on the Go", for their live Online Auction. The App establishes direct communication to their Online Auction website from an iPhone or iPad and provides full scale, real-time bidding in the auction events while away from traditional office or laptop PCs.

EX-FACTORYAuctions provides complete auction services to business owners with surplus equipment and/or lenders with distressed assets; liquidating several items or entire facilities. Managed by professional Online Auction staff, led by Eric Beach, Senior Auction Manager, they handle the entire sales process - the behind the scene presentation and dealing with the public. Their online Auction platform, now accessible through an iPhone or iPad as well, provides Buyers another bidding & purchase convenience and expands the Seller's market reach for quick disposal of their assets.

EX FACTORYAuctions accepts a Seller's single machine, a group of machines, or a complete facility. At Seller's direction, EX FACTORYAuctions includes a complimentary site visit, staging & photographing equipment, and uploading item listings to their website. The company also coordinates loading/rigging of equipment, takes care of Buyer freight & logistics, and post auction-sale site cleanup.

EX-FACTORY INC. was one of the very first woodworking equipment sales companies with coast-to-coast and Canadian-wide sales through information technology, and later, Internet technology. They developed their online auction website in 2005 and state it was a central objective to offer a unique auction platform with the most comprehensive equipment information for online bidders. The site had a major makeover in late 2007.

According to EX-FACTORY, the current EX-FACTORYAuctions model has experienced double and triple digit growth over the last several years, and they anticipate continued growth aided by the implementation of the iPhone App.

The FREE iPhone App is available from the APPLE Online App Store. A FREE App for Smart Phones with the Android OS is now available from GOOGLE Play. It is a "FIRST" for Bidders and Purchasers in Business-to-Business Online Auctions of Capital Equipment.

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