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My Machinery Auction (MMA) is powered by EX-FACTORYAuctions, a Division of EX FACTORY INC. MMA allows Sellers with just one or a few pieces of equipment to list and sell their items themselves in an Online Auction. Sellers communicate directly with Bidders during the Auction event.

It is a practical place for selling single or a few items to get cash fast. You have a check in your hands in less than 4 weeks. Your equipment is part of an ongoing Auction Event on the EXFACTORYAuctions website, a high traffic online auction site with constantly changing inventory.


  1. We do not require an upfront payment or Credit Card to list equipment or bid in the auction. We are paid based on final results. - You like to get the most, and we like to see it sell as high as possible.
  2. With MMA, your equipment is marketed to industry specific buyers. Benefiting from 25 years in the used machinery business, we have built a Database of over 150,000 individual contacts within the industry. Our Industry-leading marketing & reach and equipment expertise are working at full force for you . We market your equipment to BUYERS who WANT what YOU ARE SELLING!
  3. MMA provides an extensive library of equipment descriptions (more than 10,000) to assist you with your listing your machinery. Listing is easy. - You don't have to start from scratch!
  4. No paperwork hassle for Winning Bidders or Sellers. MMA takes care of the Invoicing, Fund Collection, and Payment to Seller.
  5. After the sale, when required by the winning Bidder or Seller, EX-FACTORY offers and can assist with a full range of Freight & Logistic Services, including dismantling, rigging, shipping, and even installation.
  6. Dedicated Staff are ready to assist you, guide you or even list your equipment for you when you can't do it yourself. Email or call 877.580.5844 for Amanda ext. 374

We look forward to working with you to create a successful online Auction experience.