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The Winning Bidder is responsible for Logistics and Shipping (freight) fees for the Auction item, unless otherwise noted under the item's "Logistics" tab.

For additional fees and upon request only, EXFA can arrange one or more of the services that may be invoiced separately from the Auction Item's Invoice. Services will be confirmed upon receipt of the Invoiced item's payment.

Freight Specifications

Locate the Item's Dimensions, Weight, and "As Is, Where Is" location from the "Detail" tab for the item:


Always check the item's "Logistics" tab on the item's detail page to determine Buyer shipping responsibilities.

This area specifies standard "Buyer" fees that apply to the winning bid such as Rigging, Crating, and Loading.

  • Crating. If applicable (and typically for larger items), a required fee that is added to the item's invoice.

    Depending on the item's footprint and weight, crating may be necessary for shipment by a commercial freight carrier.

    Crating may be unnecessary when a Buyer directly removes the item from the facility. Please contact EX-FACTORY Auctions at 1-877-580-5844 x316 or email for more information.

    The Buyer may also be responsible for disconnecting and/or de-installing the item from its "As Is, Where Is" location. For smaller items, the technician's fee for disconnecting and/or de-installing is included and stated in the Crating area.

    For larger, complex items a Buyer may prefer additional Technical Services during the disconnect/de-installation process such as wire labeling, reassembly markings and photo documentation.

    EXFA can arrange these fee-based services upon request; arrangements are confirmed upon receipt of payment for Invoiced Item; Technical Service fees are invoiced separately.

    Please contact EX-FACTORY Auctions at 1-877-580-5844 x316 or email for more information.
  • Rigging. Identification of party responsibility for fees associated with the loading and unloading of the equipment. In most cases, the Buyer is responsible.

    The "Logistics" area will also identify if Liability Insurance is required to pickup the auction item due to its size.

    Insurance is typically unnecessary if a professional Rigger is used since they are insured. Riggers also have the equipment to load heavy or large size Auction Items onto a truck or into a Container for overseas shipment. They may also supply shipping crates, skids, and support bracing for transporting your purchase.

    This area also identifies if a Rigger is available at the auction item's site.

    Upon request, EXFA can arrange rigging on your behalf for special crating, skidding, support bracing, loading, containerizing, and/or unloading services.

    Rigging fees of your choice are invoiced separately from the Auction item's invoice.

    Please contact EX-FACTORY Auctions at 1-877-580-5844 x316 or email for more information.
  • Shipping Costs. Identification of party responsible for shipping cost. In most cases, the Buyer is responsible.

    Optionally, EXF offers complete fee-based shipping services on a "pre-paid" basis that are invoiced separately from the Item's Invoice.

    For USA and Canada purchases, EXFA's Freight Department can arrange transportation by flatbed truck, consolidated freight forwarder, including permits for oversize and overweight items.

    For non-USA or Canadian destinations, we have experience in arranging overseas shipments, as well. EXFA has experience in making necessary arrangements with International Freight Forwarders, container loading, and documentation for the final destination.

    Please contact EX-FACTORY Auctions at 1-877-580-5844 x316 or email for more information.
  • Pickup Hours. Scheduled time of day when the item may be removed from its "As Is, Where Is" location.
  • Final Date For Removal. The last day when the item must be picked up from its "As Is, Where Is" location.

Export Sales Documentation

EXFA offers fee-based services to supply the necessary export documentation on a "pre-paid basis, invoiced separately.

We have experience in processing sales outside the USA, including the preparation of a Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Performa Invoice, Export Declaration, or Country-specific required documentation.  

Please contact EX-FACTORY Auctions at 1-877-580-5844 x316 or email for more information.

Shipping Info

To request any shipping information or concern, please contact our Auction Staff at 877 580 5844 x316 or email

Alternatively, select the "Shipping Info" tab on the item's detail page:

This is a secure area. If you are not already logged on to the Auction, you will be prompted to "log in" or Register for a free account prior to submitting the "Shipping Info" request.

Transfer of Title

At the time of equipment pickup, the Seller or Seller's agent releases the product to the Buyer and obtains the Buyer's signature on the Shipping Document (or executes a formal transfer of title where required); the Buyer should secure a copy of the shipping document or title transfer documentation.

Upon request, EXF Auctions offers a fee based service invoiced separately to provide documentation to preserve your legal rights as a Buyer and make sure ownership is transferred correctly.

Freight Companies

For your convenience, links are provided to USA Freight Companies. Some listed provide specific freight quotes online or by email. EXFA does not endorse or recommend any company listed.

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