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RC-230033   |  Lot # 001
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For Immediate Answers Contact:
Kevin Welker
(877) 580-5844 ext. 316
Intl. +1 (704) 841-2001

If not available, try his/her backup:
Talice Luna ext 379


This is a non-auction item up for sale. If interested, please call Kevin Welker at (877) 580-5844 ext. 316 or click on the link below.

Brand/Model: C.R. ONSRUD "146S18CDA"
Year MFG: 2017
Machine Type: CNC ROUTER (4-AXIS & ATC)
Serial #: 146C170901
Elect./Voltage: 460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: COMMERCE, GA
Value New: $ 285,000
Price: $ 185,000
Condition: Excellent condition
Dimensions: 457" L  x  157" W  x  140" H
Weight: Lbs (estimate)
Loading: Rigger Required
Comment: Approx. 650 Hrs.! Complete with vacuum pump!

"PRO SERIES 146S18CDA" 5' x 12' 4-Axis CNC Router with Approximately 650 Hrs., ATC, Boring, C-Axis, Auto Offload & Extended Z-Travel
  • Moving table size 5' x 12' x 35" H, Extended Z-Axis travel 24", Feed speeds 3,000 IPM
  • HSD 13.5 kW (18 HP) HSK F63 Air-cooled electro spindle, Fully programmable & Reversible, Quick-change, with Variable spindle speeds to 24,000 RPM, Air blast, Routing, Drilling & Override capabilities
  • 12-Position Carousel-type automatic tool changer, Fully servo-controlled, with METROL "T14E-18-02" Tool setter
  • C-Axis, with Continuous rotation & Anti-rotation spindle adapter ring
  • 9-Spindle HSD Drill block (Arranged to drill up to 5 holes simultaneously in X-Axis or 5 holes simultaneously in Y-Axis), with Maximum spindle speed 4,200 RPM, Spindle travel 60 mm (2.36") & 1.7 kW (2.28 HP)
  • BENZ "Mono" V-Line single-sided right angle aggregate head, with "SOLIDFIX" Modular quick-change, Interchangeable outlet connection & Maximum spindle speed 15,000 RPM
  • Automatic oil mist lubricator, with Air-driven positive-displacement pumps, Co-axial nozzle (Combines lubricant and air to keep atomization & distribution of liquid consistent) & Manual output adjustment
  • Universal high flow phenolic vacuum table (Suitable for flow-through spoil boards, dedicated fixtures, or pod systems), with 45 mm 3-Zone High-flow aluminum waffle pattern grid table top, 30 mm Vacuum port centers, Oversized 4" intake manifold & High-capacity vacuum plumbing
  • Dual supported gantry, Both sides with Independent servo drive motors, All Axes with Precision linear motion systems
  • FANUC "SERIES 0I-MF" CNC Control, with FANUC "PANEL-I" HM! with High-resolution touchscreen, "WINDOWS 7" Operating system, Network capability, Full remote diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities, M-code-controlled vacuum zones & Full 3D capability (Multi-axis interpolation)
  • Air-conditioned electronics cabinet, Centralized manual greased lubrication
  • Includes:
  • Automated Nested Sheet Offload System, with Material removal scrape arm system with Integrated dust extraction hood & Pneumatic blast gate, Removal time 25 Sec., Pneumatically-controlled table side guides (assists to transition machined parts & scrap transition to offload table & position next sheet along with Pneumatically-controlled pop-up positioning pin (Limits usable Z-Axis clearance to approximately 4" & eliminates need for additional perimeter pop-up positioning pins)
  • (16) SCHMALZ 160 mm x 160 mm x 45 mm (6.30" x 6.30" x 1.77") H Vacuum Pods
  • (17) HSK F63 Toolholders, Tool Pre-Setter & SPI 12" Digital Height Gage
  • 20 kVA Isolation Transformer, Primary 460 (H) & Secondary 460 Y/266 (X)
  • DEKKER "VMAX VMX0553KA1-00" 40 HP Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, With Dimensions 80" x 28" x 67" H

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