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Equipment Location: FLETCHER, NC
PH-230092   |  Lot # 001A
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Brand/Model: PUTSCH "VANTAGE 95"
Year MFG: 2014
Serial #: 14V95001.0
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: FLETCHER, NC
Condition: New, Never Used
Dimensions: 256" L  x  221" W  x  77" H
Weight: 5,000 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: Seller Loading
Comment: This lot is also part of Bulk Bid Lot #001!
Buyer Premium: 15%

"VANTAGE 95 3200X3200" 10-1/2’ Front Load Automatic Panel Saw

  • 3,200 mm (126") Maximum rip cut capacity, 3,200 mm (126") Pull back pusher stroke, 95 mm (3.8") Saw blade projection, 10 HP (7.5 kW) Main saw motor, 1.5 HP (1.1 kW) Scoring saw motor

  • Saw Carriage: Variable feed speed 10 - 229 FPM (3 - 70 MPM), Automatic cutting length limiter, Automatic saw carriage lubrication

  • Pusher Fence: (5) Material gripper clamps, 79 - 132 FPM (24 - 40 MPM) Forward positioning speed, 79 - 132 FPM (25 - 40 MPM) Return speed, Rack & pinion drive

  • Operator & Machine Control: PC Front-end with "ILENIA" Control Software + MICROSOFT "WINDOWS" Operating system, 22" TFT Display with USB & RS-232 Serial port, CD ROM & 1.44 MB Disk drive, "CUTCONTROL" with Real-Time Graphics, Diagnostic, Incremental or absolute programming in mm or inches, "DIRECT CUT" inputs absolute, serial, format, grooves, perforations & position cutting, "OPTIPRO" Optimizing System

  • Includes: Rear roller support rails, Automatic crosscut side aligner, Automatic saw blade height adjustment, (3) 1,981 x 509 mm (78" x 24") Air support tables, & Transformer

  • IMPORTANT BIDDING NOTE: This lot is also part of Lot #001, which is a bulk lot consisting of Lots #001A & #001B. If the individual bid amounts for #001A & #001B total more than the bulk bid amount for Lot #001, then #001A & #001B will be awarded to the high bidder of each lot.

  •  LOADING NOTE: This machine was a demo model and is currently de-installed and ready to be loaded from dock level onto a Winning Bidder's trailer free of charge. Loading from dock level only.
Final Removal Date: 6/2/2023

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