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Equipment Location: REGINA, SK
FS-230112   |  Lot # 001A
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Brand/Model: CEFLA / FALCIONI "UNOSPRAY 1300 / TTE 2000 PRE/IRM"
Year MFG: 2007
Serial #: 07084
Elect./Voltage: 208 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Location: REGINA, SK
Condition: Very good condition
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: [Weight]
Loading: Rigger Required
Comment: This lot is also part of Bulk Bid Lot #001!
Buyer Premium: 15%

Spray Coating Line, Consisting of:

  •  2007 CEFLA/FALCIONI "TTE 2000 PRE/IRM" Rotary Air Blow-Off Panel Cleaner, S/N 07084-01, Includes: Infrared Heater to heat substrate before spraying to insure even spray coat

  •  2007 CEFLA/FALCIONI "UNOSPRAY 1300" Automatic Spraying System, S/N 07084-02A, Ideal for Water-based & UV Drying lacquers to reduce environmental impact, Width 7.87" - 51.18", Minimum length 300 mm (11.81"), Thickness 4 - 50 mm (0.16" - 1.97"), Includes:

  •  4,280 mm (168.50") W x 2,140 mm (84.25") L Fully-pressurized spray enclosure, Machine body height 2,812 mm (110.71"), Maximum height 4,100 mm (161.42"), Upper air diffusion plenum connected with (2) Inlet fans (Intake from inside), 3 kW (4 HP), with Total flow rate 8,000 cbm/Hr. & Filters, & 7.5 kW (10 HP) Suction tower exhaust fan with Flow rate 8,000 cbm/Hr.

  •  Quick-change gun supporting trolley, Driven by toothed timing belts, with Brushless motor with Electronic control, Reciprocating slider, Variable speed, & (4) Lacquer feeding circuits with Filter

  •  Light barrier gun control, with (104) Electro-diodes sensors to send material size to programmable controller which opens & closes guns

  •  Conveyor system, with Solvent-proof continuous belt made in CFB, & Removable 500 mm (19.69") Infeed roller section with 100 mm (3.94") Diameter Rollers with Light barrier gun control with (104) Electro-diodes sensors

  •  Automatic continuous belt cleaning lacquer recovery system, For maximum efficiency & reduced maintenance, with (4) Chromium-plated reverse rollers with electronic position control, Chromium-plated roller, Scraper & Pneumatic device for overspray collection, & Removable trolley with Final counter-rotary rollers

  •  Microprocessor control

  • 2006 KREMLIN Pump station

  •  CEFLA Motorized Belt Conveyor, On tracks allowing to be pushed out of way

  •  Cartridge-Type Dust Collector

  • NOTE: Video of this line running can be seen in video of Lot #001 – Complete CEFLA/FALCIONI Spray Finishing Line

  • IMPORTANT BIDDING NOTE: This lot is also part of Lot #001, which is a bulk lot consisting of Lots #001A & #001B. If the individual bid amounts for #001A & #001B total more than the bulk bid amount for Lot #001, then #001A & #001B will be awarded to the high bidder of each lot.

  •  NOTE: Bidding conducted in U.S. Dollars.
Final Removal Date: 9/22/2023

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